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My Issue With TMNT


Now, before you go and start yelling at me over a computer/mobile device screen, I shall tell you that: I REALLY LOVE THE SHOW.

And that’s the problem

Considering how TMNT is “for boys”, my brothers, who are younger than I, introduced me to the show. And now I fear that I have become a little too…. Obsessed with the show and the fan art and yeah. My room is just… Uh… Hello? Is anybody out there?

Concerns like this baffle me. It’s a show for whoever likes it, and there is a HUGE female fan base.

My luck has been very uncommonly good for grabbing up K’Nex Super Mario blind bag figures!

On my first try, I scored two paratroopas, a boo and a dry bones. Last night I had a chance to cheat a little.

Someone had opened and assembled a shyguy that they left standing on the shelf, and I found the open baggie nearby, so I just slid him back inside and grabbed 2 other sealed bags.

Just as I had hoped, one was another shyguy and the other was Wario! So many jackpots without a single extraneous Mario or Peach!

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