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From my personal collection: it’s the very first advertisement for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

This particular copy comes from a November, 1985 issue of New York magazine. In fact, as far as I can tell, New York is the only publication that ever ran it.

Seem kind of strange? Well, let’s remember that in 1985, there weren’t any video game magazines left. They’d all either shut down or converted into computer magazines…usually both. But why New York magazine specifically?

That’s because Nintendo didn’t launch the NES nationwide right away. They only sold it in New York during the 1985 holiday season, as a test; video games were dead, and no store wanted to carry them, so Nintendo had to prove that people even wanted the thing.

You can read all about the 1985 NES test market launch, including interviews with three people who worked it, if you go back in time about six months and head to Apparently they nuked a lot of the old features and, game preservationist though I am, I am terrible at archiving my own work.


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